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Each family needs to volunteer a minimum of ten (10) hours per child.  In order to facilitate these volunteer hours, we instituted a system on Volunteer Spot to track it all.  Please go to our Volunteer System and log your hours!  The system will also help by reminding you ahead of time your when it's your turn to volunteer.

How To Instructions:   Go to our Volunteer Spot site by CLICKING HERE then click on the Date/Area you'd like to volunteer for by Clicking the orange VIEW button 

Type in your email address and type it in again to confirm and click the orange NEXT button

​You will be brought to the Date of volunteering and you can choose which section you volunteer.  Sometimes it will be different volunteer positions and sometimes it will be for different divisions (TM, MM, Midget.etc).  Click the orange SIGNUP Button

​Then fill out your information and your child's information